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795 Adams Street

Dorchester, MA 02122


Monday - Saturday 8 - 12

Sunday 12 - 12

“Your friends are here.”

2nd Generation Owner

John Stenson

Located in the heart of one of Boston’s oldest neighborhoods, the Eire Pub has been a fixture for 50 years. Originally opened as a traditional “Men’s Bar” the Eire has evolved into a world class eating and drinking establishment. Visited by Presidents Reagan and Clinton, it has become a regular stop for local, national and international political leaders and candidates. Along with celebrities, sports legends and championship trophies, the Eire Pub is well known as a place where you never know who or what you might see. With boisterous regulars, a jovial proprietor, and a generous and satisfying menu, the Eire Pub is a place you will remember whether you stop there once, or once a day.

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